As long as there's a heartbeat, a connection can be made.

Whenever put in a situation in which a friend or a beloved goes into a coma, you will find this to be a shocking experience. Especially when caused by an accident, this will be like a violent interference of faith, affecting your own life as well. You may feel that, in just a day, your life has changed entirely. You may feel like the safe waters you used to sail in have now changed into a wild ocean, throwing you around like an uncontrollable ship.

If the comatose person shares that experience is unknown, but in the comparison with a ship, he/she might be on a sailboat, somewhere in a big, blue ocean, maybe in safer waters, in which he or she might experience feeling abandonment, isolation, an emptiness, feeling no control at all. Perhaps, this person is searching for a safe harbour. Prior to these feelings of abandonment he might be calling for help or rapprochement and he might experience not to be heard…

This website has been created from our vision that, as long as there's a heartbeat, a connection can be made, and that this connection is also wanted by the comatose person. A need for communication, support or company. Our mission is to contribute establishing contact, the connection. We do not offer extensive medical or scientific information, merely a guideline for those in need of information, instructing them with what they can possibly do themselves.

There are a lot of things one can do for a comatose person, and we want to encourage family, beloved, friends and other involved parties to not sit and wait, but to get into action. The person in a coma might be needing your assistance, so provide this person with all of your help, he/she's entitled to it. Apart from being a form of inspiration, this website might be a guiding light, a beacon when lost in a stormy sea. Besides that, the comatose person on 'the other ship', might be encouraged and assisted to find a place to lower anchor as well.

Do also know, that, even though a comatose person appears so far away, in most scenarios, he/she will apperceive a lot more than we can imagine. Have the person feel your eagerness to listen, to connect with him/her.

As long as there's a heartbeat, a connection can be made.



Respect and Confidence are keywords.

A comatose person can go through important inner processes. Look at the person as being on an inner journey and try to respect this, know there might be a good reason or even a necessity for this to happen in this person's life. Don't strife  towards enforcing a direction that's preferable by you, trust in a successful conclusion of things. Respect a human being's right to follow its own path in its own pace, while experiencing your support and loving closeness at the same time. It's right to let notice to and tell someone in a coma how welcome to come back he/she is. On top of that, pronounce your eagerness to establish contact with him.

Never forget that someone who is in a coma, seemingly unconscious, often has a varying ability to perceive. I know from my own experience that someone in a coma is able to record information, leading  it on  into his inner way of thinking and store it in his memory. Know that someone in a coma is able to listen to all that is said in his hearing range. Keep that in mind, avoiding conversations with doctors, nurses or anyone else in the room, for some information might be objective or hard to deal with in the inner world of someone in a coma.

It may of course be, that the path of the person in a coma now leads a way that's not preferred by you or others. Not everyone awakes from a coma, which can be hard, especially for the near ones. A coma might also be a final phase, in which someone processes or handles unfinished business, before being able to peacefully proceed to a life's end. It could be that, a part from your support, he or she also needs the time to do these things. Know, that in these situations, RESPECT and CONFIDENCE are keywords, no matter how hard it seems. Let someone feel your loving nearness and have faith in a positive conclusion for the path of his life.

Regarding the altered state of mind, it's often possible to gain contact with someone in a coma by using communication methods, even in a "long term-coma" or a "vegetative state". Most of the times this person will show gratitude for it, and will be trying hard to communicate with you. You can find out more about contact and communication methods elsewhere on this website.

Once again, always start with RESPECT, accept the fact that a comatose person is on an important inner journey. Respect the direction of his/her life's path, accept the pace needed, and support him with your loving nearness.



The importance of your positive attitude.

Your own attitude and that of your surrounding is of great importance. Close off from negativity and people carrying negativity, don't let them be of influence, keep them out of it. Don't listen to all-time pessimists and be an optimist instead, in heart and soul. Whatever happens, stay positive and try weakening worried thoughts. Imagine how to lead this situation to good results, even though it sometimes seems impossible.

Focus on your imagination ability, it is a powerful tool. Close your eyes and visualize, create detailed mental images of the goal to achieve and know it will be real, have faith!

Know, that what we are today is the result of our thoughts of yesterday, that whatever we do and think today will manifest in the future. Make good use of the powerful resource of positive thoughts. Imagine and decide for it to get better. Form positive affirmations and repeat this as much as you can, it is important.

Create a positive and loving energy, create healing thoughts from out yourself, and ask for others also to send out this energy. This is possible in the form of thoughts created by you and others regarding the comatose person, love can be send to him/her, there can be prayed or meditated, or Reiki can be sent. Energy can be accessed in several different ways, with many different approaches. Ask as many people as you can to do this, and respect people doing this their own chosen way. You will see how incredibly many people are prepared to support you, accept their help and support. Know that that is right.

Be strong, be positive and believe in a good result. Maybe something difficult or life-changing has happened to you, but try to understand that this is just a captured moment in time, and that this situation will probably look a lot different in some days, weeks, months or years. Many events, even though they form a terrible ordeal now, may prove to be the start of countless unexpected positive changes.

Have faith in a useful process. Know that it will be alright!